Hip Bath Experience at JeJu Spa How to Cleanse Your Vagina the Natural Way

The Yoni Steam Experience at JeJu Spa: How to Cleanse Your Vagina the Natural Way

Women are flocking to JeJu Spa in Atlanta for an authentic spa experience. There are only so many massage treatments you can get before you find yourself wanting more; a desire to experience something healing and something that doesn’t fizzle from your memory like your last trip to the gym. I found the experience I was craving for at JeJu. I got a vaginal steam cleanse called a hip bath.

Hip baths, also referred to as yoni steams (yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina), are similar to sitz baths but this ancient Korean treatment is way more! It’s not only an ancient Korean treatment. African women have been doing this for ages! Sudanese women refer to it as a smoke bath or Dukhan. They sit over a hole scented with aromatic incense and burning wood. Their body is draped in cloth and the ancient detox ritual begins as the women begin to sweat while being infused with a sweet smell of karkar (a scented oil).

Hip Bath Experience at JeJu Spa How to Cleanse Your Vagina the Natural Way

The Experience

Before I entered the Hip Bath room I saw a woman sitting on the floor with several pots full of herbs with a wonderful array of colors.  She was preparing them for the many women waiting for the treatment

Hip Bath Experience at JeJu Spa How to Cleanse Your Vagina the Natural Way

The room smelled earthy, clean, and peaceful. As I stood there waiting my turn, I was told by Erika, a staff member at JeJu, that I would be sitting on a wooden stool that has a hole in the middle and those aromatic herbs that were being prepared would be placed in a pot and put on a skillet at the bottom of the stool. This peaked my interest immediately because I could see the harmony on the faces of the women already settled on their stools.

Erika told me that the 19 herbs that are in the pot, including rosemary and mint, would be sprinkled with water and brought to a boil.

Hip Bath Experience at JeJu Spa How to Cleanse Your Vagina the Natural Way

She also told me this treatment would detox my entire body!

I was escorted to my stool and as soon as I sat down I was draped with a pink, plastic suit. It covered me from my neck and down to the floor. My feet were spread apart and placed on two wooden blocks. This allowed me to sit erect and comfortably on my stool. My pot of herbs was slid underneath me and within minutes I could feel the steam engulf my entire body. My  suit allowed for maximum steaming – not just of my vagina, but of my entire body. As the herbs steamed in the boiling water and filled my draped cocoon, I could feel the impurities leaving my body. It’s very similar to a steam room, if you have to compare it to something.

I sat there for almost an hour and suddenly my timer went off and I thought my treatment was over but white macula powder was added to my pot and I was quickly informed that this is the part that tightens my vagina. “10 more minutes,” she said. When my time was up, I was soaking wet from all of the sweat, so if nothing more – I knew that I released a lot of impurities and that’s always a win-win.  Essentially, the steamed herbs was an natural cleanse for my vagina – similar to a douche, and you can’t go wrong with that.

The Benefits

Believe it or not but the best part of it for me was the instant bonding I had with the other women in the room getting hip baths. Being naked and sitting on a stool made us let go of our inhibitions and enjoy being together. One woman spoke of how great 40 is and that she discovered how to really enjoy life. Another woman spoke of how liberating this experience was for her. The time with them was priceless!

Here are some other practical benefits that you may be attracted too:

  • Helps relieve menstrual cramps
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Disinfects toxins inside the womb
  • Helps to heal vaginal infections like yeast or bacterial
  • Strengthens bladder control
  • Good for after birth treatment/contracts uterus back to its normal size

The next time you’re in Atlanta, I highly recommend a hip bath at JeJu for the sheer joy of trying something new, and culturally authentic. Vaginal Steaming is growing in popularity and you can now get this ritual almost anywhere in major cities at Korean spas, holistic spas, and you can even find women who come to your home and will bring the steaming equipment right to you!

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