About Shelli Tinae

When your business is a labor of love, everyday is full of joy.

~Shelli Tinae

This is the attitude that helps steer the life of Shelli Tinae. Shelli is the CEO of Sacred Body, a luxury natural skincare line that formulates modern skincare using ancient wisdom. The products are made and preserved with natural ingredients that are minimally processed to ensure the extraction of pure essence from plants, flowers, and botanicals.

Shell is not new to the beauty industry. In 2012 she founded Bare Bliss Box, a subscription based business for organic, vegan, and nontoxic skincare. Each month her team would send each subscriber a box of carefully curated, nontoxic products.

In 2009, Shelli read a book called "The Coconut Oil Miracle," and it changed her life! From this book she discovered that what you apply topically, is immediately absorbed into your skin and into your bloodstream. Soon after, she began making her own body oils and realized her passion for healthy skincare. She discovered that she wanted to spend her life helping educate people on the dangers of toxic skincare and introducing them to the wonders of health-conscious personal care products.

Shelli was raised in Los Angeles until the age of 8 and then her parents relocated to Moreno Valley - just an hour east of LA. She has been a vegan for 4 years and prior to that she was a vegetarian for 10 years. She's grown accustomed to being the earthy girl in her family, in fact, she wears that title with a badge of honor.

She has a BA degree in journalism with an emphasis in broadcasting and a minor in African-American Studies. Writing is actually her first love so she enjoys creating content for her brand. All of the content on Sacred Body is written by her and most of the content on the Bare Bliss platform was also written by Shelli.

There's nowhere but up for this entrepreneur who's determined to be a voice in the organic skincare community and help change the lives of others.